Winter Pragmatics Fun!

Anyone else feeling the winter blues and ready for a vacation?  How about the thought of lesson planning over vacation scares you?!  I will be taking a much needed vacation over holiday break and am pushing to plan for after break as much as possible now!  With that said, I have several pragmatic and fluency groups that benefit from social skills games and activities.  Therefore, I introduce to you…Winter Pragmatics Fun!

In this file:
-Snowman Topic Maintenance:  Match the statement cards to the appropriate “topic snowmen.”  The statement cards are questions and answers.  Once sorted, students can then rearrange the statements into the correct conversational sequence.

-Hot Chocolate Conversation Starters:  Students can pick a card and elicit a conversation with their group members/SLP.  Feel free to use a timer to help students maintain the conversation for a prolonged period of time.

-Good Snowflake vs. Bad Snowflake:  Students can sort various behaviors, actions, and statements to the appropriate snowflake.  Great for eliciting discussion on appropriate behaviors.


-Mitten Manners:  Students can use question cards to elicit responses about appropriate manners.  Students can use the mitten board game with this activity to reinforce correct responses.


You can grab this fun activity HERE!!