101: Working On Compare & Contrast in Speech

Working On Compare & Contrast in Speech




Often, when most people think of the phrase “compare and contrast,” they think of using it to teach students to recognize the difference in colors and shapes. 

As students age into upper grades, comparing and contrasting becomes even more important as they generalize the concept and make connections between what they are learning about in school and their own life. 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, we are talking all about teaching comparing and contrasting in speech therapy. 

For students to be able to successfully compare and contrast, they need to be able to comprehend what they read, understand the vocabulary, know how to express it, and know how to put it all together. All of these things fall into our domains as SLPs. 

How can you help your students master this skill? I am sharing my favorite teaching methods, tools, and strategies to help my students understand how to compare and contrast in this episode.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why we need to work on comparing and contrasting in speech therapy
  • How to help students visually see how things are alike and different
  • The best YouTube videos for teaching comparing and contrasting
  • What students need to understand before they can compare and contrast
  • Strategies for helping students master this skill


I hope you found these tips and strategies helpful for teaching your students how to compare and contrast independently! 

I find that pairing this method of teaching with various tools is a very effective way to help students master a sometimes challenging skill. If you are struggling to break down critical thinking skills to help your speech and language students succeed, make sure to check out my blog post with free visual aids here. 


Working On Compare & Contrast in Speech


Joke of the Week:

Q: Why did the woman run around her bed?

A: Because she wanted to catch up on her sleep. 


Resources Mentioned: 

Check out my must-have visual aids for working on critical thinking


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