231: What makes a good SLP PD?

Show Notes:

In this episode of the SLP Coffee Talk, we’ll dive into the world of practical and relevant professional development for all you amazing speech-language pathologists (SLPs) out there! 

Get ready to hear all about the awesome perks of attending the virtual Speech Retreat conference —think fresh strategies, new skills, and tons of practical ideas to jazz up your work with students. We’ll also talk about my adventures in professional development and how the Speech Retreat has been a total game-changer for me!

Here's what we learned:

  • Challenges of finding relevant training for school-based speech-language pathologists
  • Practical and relevant professional development for speech-language pathologists
  • My motivation for creating the Speech Retreat conference
  • The Speech Retreat virtual conference is an excellent solution to the need for professional development
  • Positive impact & benefits of attending Speech Retreat, such as learning new strategies and gaining practical ideas


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00:01:58 Hallie: Welcome to SLP Coffee Talk, the podcast designed exclusively for speech-language pathologists who work with older students, grades 4 through 12. I am your host, Hallie Sherman, your SLP behind Speech Time Fun, the Speech Retreat Conference, and the SLP Elevate membership. And I'm thrilled to bring you conversations, strategies, and insights that will give you the jolt of inspiration that you need. Whether you're tuning in during your morning commute, on a break in between sessions or even during a well-deserved relaxation time. I am here for you each and every week. Let's do this SLPs.

00:02:38 Hallie: Hey, hey, and welcome to another episode of SLP Coffee Talk. Today we're gonna be talking all about professional development because it is a hot topic, and I'm so passionate about making sure that SLPs get the right PD that they deserve. In my career, I've been to many good PD sessions and way too many not-so-good ones. Luckily, as an SLP in New York, I do have a lot of access to in-person workshops.

00:03:04 Hallie: I've attended workshops that were some good ones that were relevant for school-based SLPs. But I've also been to ones that were great in theory if I worked one-on-one or with a small caseload. And finding relevant and practical professional development for secondary SLPs, almost impossible. As far as trainings in my district, well, they threw us in trainings for psychologists, paras, in a room and told us just to watch something online that was completely irrelevant.

00:03:31 Hallie: We kept asking for relevant trainings, bringing guest speakers, or even just let us do a collegial circle and learn from each other, but we were turned down. There wasn't enough of us for them to really care to provide anything relevant. So, speaking to many SLPs around the world, I've heard many similar things that you're forced to sit through math trainings, trainings just on curriculum, trainings on theory, or sitting in trainings where the presenter just pushed a product and the only way to get something out of it was to purchase it. 

00:03:59 Hallie: Not walking away. Practical ideas you could actually use. And I knew I wanted to change that. And that was why in 2017, I decided I wanted to host my own professional development conference. After presenting in 2016, the ASHA convention in Philly, and it was all about using what you have so you can work on a variety of goals, because I'm more about using one thing for as many groups and goals as possible. And ASHA putting us on the last possible day, the last session of the day, and in the smallest room.

00:04:28 Hallie: We ended up filling the room, and everyone walked away feeling inspired and refreshed. They said it was the best session of the entire conference. And I knew I needed to continue that mission. In 2017, I was in Anaheim for the summer for a TPG conference and I had a wild and crazy idea. What if I stayed an extra day and hosted a conference for school-based SLPs? I sent an email, I posted on social asking, hey, would anyone join me if I did something like this?

00:04:56 Hallie: And sure enough, due to the response, we had over 150 SLPs join me in that very hotel conference room in California. And that was how the Speech Retreat Conference was born. And of course, when people saw about it on social, you're begging me to bring the Speech Retreat to their city. I went to Chicago, New York City, Raleigh, and Houston. And we were heading to Indi when COVID hit. I did meet so many of you in person, but it did bring a new opportunity. 

00:05:29 Hallie: The opportunity to bring relevant and practical professional development to SLPs around the globe. In addition to that, I can do it more often because I wasn't having to leave my full-time school-based position and my family, my kids at home, to be able to travel to all the different cities. Not only that, I still had, it also still had the fun feel of an in-person experience, swag bags, photo booths, raffles, and more.

00:05:55 Hallie: Hundreds of SLPs kept coming back. Time after time, year after year. Because they know that they will walk away feeling refreshed with ideas that they can actually use with their students the very next day. They also got to be surrounded by like-minded SLPs that just wanted to have fun and love what they do. And I get to bring tons of guest speakers on topics that you are all asking about.

00:06:20 Hallie: So if you are looking for something fun, different, and filled with practical ideas you can actually use with your students and make such an impact and have more fun each and every day at your job, definitely make sure you check out the next Speech or Treat Conference. Six hours of professional development, replays that won't go away, and tons of fun. Did I mention swag bags? And if you register before a swag cutoff date, you will get SLP goodies mailed right to you. And it is included in the price.

00:06:53 Hallie: You also get access to $40 worth of digital resources no matter when you enroll. So if you are needing professional development hours and ready for a fun learning experience, head to speechretreat.com today to learn more about our next retreat, our speakers, topics, and more. We also accept purchase orders, so just head to our site and you will see the button about purchase orders there.

00:07:19 Hallie: You also get a certificate of completion for six CMH hours, which ASHA does accept, it just won't be sent to the registry. Make sure you share the link and send this information to all of your SLP buddies, because a good friend shares about good professional development to their other SLP besties. And we love seeing pictures of you guys taking pictures together during the event and sharing with us how you guys are having viewing parties and getting together. I'm watching it together and having a lot of fun. So I cannot wait to see you there.

00:07:50 Hallie: Again, head to speechretreat.com to sign up today to either get off or to share the link with your supervisor to get your district to provide professional development for you. And I cannot wait to see you there. So I'll see you at our next speech retreat. 

00:08:06 Hallie: And of course, I always end my episodes with a joke. So this one would be no different. This joke builds rapport and tons of language and goals that you can incorporate because I'm all about using what you got to work on a variety of goals. How does a scientist freshen her breath?

00:08:24 Hallie: Expere-mints. Ha ha, ready, get it, expere-mints. All right, again, head to speechretreat.com, let your friends know. I cannot wait to see you there. We have an amazing lineup for our next speech retreat and big, big news coming soon to the speech retreat world. So I will see you there and have a lot of fun.

00:08:49 Hallie: Thanks so much for tuning in to another episode of SLP Coffee Talk. It means the world to me that you're tuning in each and every week and getting the jolt of inspiration you need. You can find all of the links and information mentioned in this episode at my website, speechtimefun.com. Don't forget to follow the show so you don't miss any future episodes. And while you're there, it would mean the world to me. If you would take a few seconds and leave me an honest review. See you next week with another episode full of fun and inspiration from one SLP to another. Have fun guys!