All About Me Collages for Speech Therapy


Looking for ways to work on social skills and perspective taking?!  Use all about me collages!

All about me collages for speech therapy


We know that our students have a tendency to struggle with understanding that what they are interested in talking about might be different than what others want to talk about.  For example…they think ALL want to talk about Fortnite all the time!  They struggle to comprehend that just because they are into certain things, doesn't mean all are.  We can help them grasp this!


One way to do this is to have students create “all about me” collages.  They can each get a turn to create one that describes ALL those awesome things they love to talk about.  I like using a fun free website WordArt to make these collages because the ability to customize them are so fun and motivating.  It is also easy to use and FREE!

All about me collages for speech therapy


You can easily print out the collages or just display them right on a SmartBoard or other device.  Once the students have made their collages the fun begins.  They can share them!  They can share their interests with their peers and they can see how they are all similar and different.


You can discuss topics for conversations that are common interests.  You can have students ask each other questions about interests that are different than their own.  You can discuss why one might not want to talk about a topic that is not on ones collage.

All about me collages for speech therapy

Giving your students the opportunity to express their interests and learn that theirs might be different than others will help them understand perspective taking and that others can think differently than them.  It will help them develop conversational skills and build friendships too!


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