208: Biofeedback Treatment for Persistent /r/ Distortions with Tara McAllister

Biofeedback Treatment for Persistent /r/ Distortions with Tara McAllister


Do you have students who really struggle with the /r/ sound? 

R distortions can be tricky! Clinically, it’s a huge challenge for many SLPs to work with. So in this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with Tara McAllister to talk about how we can use biofeedback to improve treatment for persistent issues with the /r/ sound. 

Tara McAllister, PhD, CCC-SLP, is an Associate Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders at New York University. She conducts NIH-funded research on technology-enhanced treatment methods for persistent speech sound disorder. 

Since 2014, Dr. McAllister has overseen the development of the staRt app for visual-acoustic biofeedback, which aims to make biofeedback technology widely and inexpensively available. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The power biofeedback has to help kids struggling with /r/ distortions
  • How biofeedback works and how we can use it with our students
  • Why the /r/ sound is such a struggle for so many students
  • How to get access to biofeedback tools in your school
  • Some success stories from clinicians using biofeedback for their students
  • Tips for struggling SLPs to improve outcomes in students with these distortions


I know /r/distortions can be such a struggle, but biofeedback can be a huge help! To get started using these tools, check out the app, visit the website, and follow Bits Lab Start on Instagram! 

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Biofeedback Treatment for Persistent /r/ Distortions with Tara McAllister


Joke of the Week:

Q: Why was the computer chilly? 

A: It left a window open.


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