Bonus Episode: Boom Learning – WHAT?!

Boom Learning

With quarantine still going on, are you stressed as to how to take on the challenge of delivering quality lessons remotely, providing students a level of normalcy, and adjusting to life being stuck at home?


In this episode, I have something different for you. I was recently a guest on Be The Exception Podcast with Dawn Ellis, creator of Cultivating Exceptional Minds. Dawn is a qualified educational specialist with 10 years of special education experience, published journal articles, and is an awesome podcaster. She has a website and podcast where she provides valuable tools and resources to help teachers perform at their best while becoming confident in wearing the many hats that come with being a SPED teacher. 


Join us as I share our conversation about the e-learning phenomenon that we are all a part of right now. I will answer a lot of questions about Boom Learning, distance learning, and utilizing technology with your students at this time.


Amidst all the chaos and stress, I hope by listening to this episode you get a little bit of inspiration and creativity!




In this episode you’ll discover: 


  • My backstory and why I started creating digital resources
  • Useful resources for Boom Cards
  • How to integrate Boom Cards with Google classroom
  • The benefits of Boom Decks with special education
  • How to create decks to support your goals
  • The proper mindset on using technology to address your students’ unique needs in this time of crisis
  • The value of finding humor and practicing self-care
  • My favorite supplies

Boom Learning


Joke of the Week


What color socks do bears wear?

Answer:  They don't wear socks. They have bear feet.


Resources Mentioned: 


Boom Cards from Teachers Pay Teachers

Free Context Clues Boom Cards

Boom Learning Website

Video about Boom Cards + Google Classroom From Boom Learning

The Special Education Teacher's Guide to Distance Learning


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