Caps for Sale Companion Pack!

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A new storybook companion pack is finally here!!

Activities to use with the book, Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.

Activities to target:
-Plural Nouns
-Following Directions

In this file:
-Vocabulary Definitions Match:  Students can learn vocabulary prior to reading story to help them comprehend.  You can play memory matching games after reading to review the new vocabulary terms.

-Plural Nouns:  The nouns from the story are provided as memory matching cards for students to practice identifying and expressing plural nouns.  Extra activity, while reading these cards, have students identify all nouns heard and see how many match!  Visual is provided to teach concept of plurals and can be used for sorting as well.

-Sequencing Cards:  Use the visual with sequencing words and have the students place the cards in the correct order based on their knowledge of the story.  Encourage your students to use the sequencing words!

My amazing previewer came up with the idea of having students visualize each sentence card based on the story to help comprehend the sequences!  How great!?

-Comprehension Questions: Use the board game provided to answer the wh- questions about the story.

-Caps “On Top” Following Directions:  Read the instruction page to your students one at a time and have them complete each task.  Provide each student with a “peddler” page.  Print and laminate the cap cards to use for completing the directions heard.

-Draw A Picture:  Students will pick an image or scenario from the story and will draw and write about it.

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