What is Facebook Live? Why Should SLPs Tune In?

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You see that notification that I am live, but what does that mean?! Read to learn why I am using Facebook Live and how you can benefit from it!

Facebook Live offers a fun new way for SLPs to share tips, ideas, and activities! Read this post to learn how you can use Facebook Live to learn and grow!

You may or may not have known, but for several months, I was broadcasting live on an app called Periscope. I have been broadcasting weekly (typically Wednesday night at 8pm ET). I have been sharing fun free apps/websites and tips and tricks to address speech and language goals (DIY ideas, resources and games I have found, visual aids, and more). Don't want to watch on Periscope, I have a You Tube channel where I add all my broadcasts! I also created the collaborative channel SLP Blogger Live. I have gathered 9 other SLP bloggers (and growing!) to broadcast from that channel together. This way, we can all share different ideas that can benefit more SLPs out there. This platform is fun because we can interact with you and you can ask questions. It brings our blog posts to life! Don't want to watch on Periscope…we have a You Tube channel! Want to know the even more exciting thing, guess who was watching our broadcasts when we started this channel? ASHA!!


Ok, so what does this have to do with Facebook Live. Well…Facebook realized what Periscope was doing and they now give us the ability to broadcast live on our business pages! Yes! So…we are! It is a fun way to interact, answer questions, and let you learn more about us. I have been trying to broadcast on my Facebook pages at least once a week! I have been having so much fun sharing fun and engaging ideas with you! One such broadcast was about writing with magic which you can view by clicking HERE!. When going live on Facebook, it's really important for businesses to have good internet connections to make sure that the connection doesn't cut out and to try and get the video to be as high quality as possible. As we start using Facebook live more often, we do plan to try and improve our current broadband to ensure our customers can see and hear us properly. The internet has come so far (learn more here about the history of the internet), so it's likely that we'll be able to find some good broadband only deals that will allow us to go live without any problems!

What are the benefits of viewing live?

  • You can ask questions
  • You can be part of the conversation
  • Click “like” or other emojis to show some love!
  • It is fun!

What if you can't view live?

Watch the replay!! The video will live on my Facebook page forever! I even categorized all the “videos” in the tab on my page so that you can easily find all the live broadcasts under one category. You can still leave comments/questions and I will respond!

What are other benefits of watching the broadcasts?

  • You will learn about fun therapy ideas
  • You will get inspired
  • You will get to ask your burning questions
  • You will help inspire me come up with more broadcasts, products, and blog posts
  • You can see things first-hand that may be difficult to explain in text or just a picture

How do you watch?

When you see my video scrolling past in your newsfeed, just touch the video to hit “play.” Make sure your volume is on! I will be broadcasting at a regular time once the school year starts so you can know when to expect to see me. It will probably be Wednesday around 8pm ET (yes, when I used to be on Periscope. I will continue to broadcast on Periscope but mainly from SLP Blogger Live on Thursdays.)

So, now what?

I can't wait to see you live on Facebook! What are some topics I plan to cover in the future? Vocabulary instruction, behavior management, scheduling, modifying popular games, and more!! I cannot wait to share them with you! See you there!