Going To A Restaurant: Language & Pragmatic Activities!!


Do you have social skills groups?  Do you have students that are in life skills? Don't you wish you could take your students on field trips into the community to teach them how to behave, communicate, problem solve, etc.?!  Don't you wish you can turn your therapy rooms into a make-believe field trip?!  This activity is for you!!


In this activity you will find:

-Sorting Items:  Students can sort the pictures into whether or not they will find them in a restaurant.

-Restaurant Vocabulary Matching:  Cards contain a vocabulary word with its definition.  You can use these to teach vocabulary and for memory matching games to practice.  A worksheet is provided to review.

-Restaurant Category Sort:  Students can sort items into categories (appetizer, entrée, side dish, dessert, drink, things you need to eat).

-2 Menus to Role Play With: one more basic and one more complex

-Role Playing Script:  Use this script to introduce how to act and what to say when going to a restaurant.

-Scenario Cards:  Students can practice expressing what they would do if they are in the situations provided.  A board game is provided to use as a reinforcer/motivator.

-Make Your Own Menu:  Students can create their own menus to use during role playing activities and practice expressing foods they enjoy eating in restaurants.

You can also use this activity with articulation and fluency students!

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