52: Managing IEPs With Ease with Stephanie DeLussey

Managing IEPs SLP episode 52

Do you dread doing IEPs? Are you often putting them off because you don’t have time to do them or you don’t know how? This is the episode for you!

I am glad to be joined by my guest, Stephanie DeLussey, from Mrs. D's Corner and The Intentional IEP, to talk all about improving and perfecting IEP writing skills as well as the importance of them.

Stephanie is a dual-certified special education teacher, Master IEP Coach®, children's book author, and teacher mentor, currently residing in Florida. She has a passion for creating engaging, adapted resources for teachers and students with special needs, and is self-proclaimed #datanerd. She also provides professional development for teachers at colleges, conferences, and in school districts. You can connect with her at Mrs. D's Corner and The Intentional IEP.

Stephanie is also a huge mental health advocate, sharing her experiences and struggles to let others know that you can survive the dark seasons and thrive in life and teaching with a mental illness.



In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to start writing IEPs
  • Adapting functional goals based on the needs of the student
  • Scheduling and prioritizing IEPs
  • How to handle parent or team disagreements
  • The importance of IEP summary sheets
  • Why you should get parent input
  • What not to say in an IEP meeting


Remember, if you need help writing IEPs, ask for it! There is no shame in trying to improve your skills.

I hope this episode with Stephanie was helpful and informative for you and encourages you to be more confident going forward with IEPs!


Joke of the Week:

Q: Is it quicker to be hot or cold?

A: Hot is quicker because you can catch a cold.


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Managing IEPs SLP episode 52


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