Pinterest Inspired Expanding Sentences Bottlecap Activity

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So…as you can tell by now, one of my favorite things to do is take ideas from Pinterest and find an SLP spin to it.  Have you seen floating around, the idea of using bottle caps to make sentences?!  Well I go through TONS of Poland Spring bottles, and Earth Day is coming, so why not recycle and create a therapy activity?!  After about 2 weeks, I had enough to use!

I was nervous about writing directly onto the bottle caps, so I found at the dollar store, circle stickers that were the perfect size!  Then I took a whole bunch of pictures that I found through Pinterest boards and Google Images that could elicit great discussion and thinking. I came up with a list of sentences that best describe each picture and wrote each word on a bottle cap.  The last step of preparation was for differentiated learning and to challenge my students by gluing higher level questions.  I glued the pictures on one side of an index card and glued the questions on the other and laminated them for safe keeping.

Now, it is time to learn!  I split my groups up into teams but you can make it an individual activity.  To introduce the activity, I read all the bottle caps to make sure the students heard all their choices.  As a team, the students have to find words in order to make a sentence to describe the picture.  If the sentence was about the picture, they got 1 point.  If the sentence made sense, they got another point.  If their sentence matched my sentence, they got an extra point.

You can either have that team answer the questions for bonus points or let them ask the other teams the questions.

For my loyal followers, I took the busy work out of this fun activity!  I have provided the pictures, the sentences, and the questions!!  Check it out!
If you download, please comment!  I would love to hear how your students enjoy this activity!


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