Spooky Speech Sounds!


My Halloween vocabulary/comprehension pack was such a hit I used the graphics to create an articulation activity!

All you have to do is print out this cute jack-o-lantern, cut out the mouth and laminate.  You can glue it to a file folder or envelope.  Students can feed Jack their articulation sound picture cards!

What sounds are included?

  • (initial,
    medial, and final)
  • /k/, /r/, /l/, /th/, /ch/, and /sh/
  • Two pages for each sound/position
  • CVC level except for medial position!

Other options for use:

  • Have
    students use a dice to roll and the number rolled is amount of times the
    student must say the word on the card before feeding it to the jack-o-lantern
  • Have
    students use the word on the card in a sentence to describe what they are
    doing: “The jack-o-lantern ate the _____.”




Grab this fun articulation practice activity at my TpT store!