168: Using Note-Taking Strategies in Speech Therapy

Using Note-Taking Strategies in Speech Therapy


Looking for a strategy to help your speech students have a better understanding of what they’re reading and have a better recall? 

I have you covered in this episode of SLP Coffee Talk! I’m diving into my favorite strategy for helping students develop a deeper understanding during speech sessions using note-taking! I’m going deep into different ways you can teach note-taking along with why it works.

Note-taking is essential for our older speech students because it really does help them promote their active listening and engagement with their class material. Our students are maybe shown it once or expected to do it, and we need to show them and help them understand why they are doing it. 

Note-taking can help our students organize and remember information which is crucial for academic success. These tips will help you do teach your students to take notes effectively. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why note-taking is crucial for academic success
  • Benefits of teaching note-taking strategies
  • How notes help written expression and communication skills
  • Different forms of note-taking and how they can be used 
  • Tools and frameworks that can help your students with different strategies


I hope you enjoyed this episode! Note-taking strategies are so important for our older speech students in grades four and up because it promotes active listening, enhances comprehension and retention of information, it helps develop metacognitive skills, and improves written expression and communication strategies! 

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Using Note-Taking Strategies in Speech Therapy


Joke of the Week:

Q: Why did the farmer bury his money? 

A: To make his soil rich.


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