Virtual Mad Libs for Speech

Are you looking for more ideas that you can use virtually or in-person to help you work on a variety of different goals with a variety of different students?

I am excited to share with you a free website that you can use virtually to share your screen or in-person by showing some sort of device. The game is very similar to Mad Libs but it's virtual and called Funny Fill-Ins! You can find it on NatGeo’s website along with lots of other great resources!

You can use these mad libs for so many things! You could work on vocabulary, you could work on articulation and just put articulation sounds in the blanks, or you could work on a variety of things with mixed groups. The possibilities are endless!

I have used this with students who are working on verbs, nouns, or adjectives as a really great activity to boost their vocabulary. If your students are like mine, some of them may have trouble with verbally retrieving all the words but I have found that incorporating a word bank or doing a brainstorming activity ahead of time works great!

In this example above, I filled all the blanks in with words that start with r for one of my articulation students. A person – Rob, An article of clothing – Romper, etc. When you fill in all the blanks and then go to read the passage, it will put all the words you came up with in bold. This always helps my articulation students because they know which words they need to be mindful of when pronouncing those sounds.

Once you fill in the words and it gives you the passage, you have something to use to work on goals like reading comprehension, listening comprehension, word-finding, ect. You can even make two different stories and then compare and contrast them.  The nice thing about this site is that you can use it with every single group you have throughout the day and still work on a different goal because it is so versatile. And the best part is that this activity is free! If you know me, I am all about free and using what you have for a variety of purposes to get the job done so this site is a win for me!

I hope you found this helpful and can try this out! If you want to learn more you can check out the video below and the resources I mentioned for engaging, no-prep and low-prep activities to use with your students this week!

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