Winter Fun Finds! (where I found them & how I plan to use them!)

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I was busy ordering new prizes for my students on and I had to spend a little bit more to get free shipping…oh man DANGEROUS!!  Well…they got me!  But it is OK because I found fun new ideas to add to my speech room!

Disclaimer: Please ignore the GROSS floors and wall surrounding the picture above!  It was the only way I could display everything I got in one picture without totally exposing my entire therapy room, sorry I must remain anonymous!

OK back to the blog post!

Above you will see: hot cocoa bean bag toss, emotions plush snowballs, and a build a snowman game!  How do I plan to use them?

Hot Cocoa Bean Bag Toss (by the way how cute are the marshmallow bean bags!):

The emotions plush snowballs:
  • Working on emotions vocabulary
  • Working on character traits vocabulary
  • Students can build a snowball tower as a reinforcer
  • “hot potato” but with the snowballs.  Students will have to pass the snowball around until the music stops, the person holding the snowball will have to answer a question!
  • Use these with my bowling pins
  • Can use with Speech Room New's snowball fight activity!
Build A Snowman:
  • Following directions
  • Snowman/clothing vocabulary
  • Prepositions
  • Reinforcer with any target
Now that you are curious on these items, click below to learn more about them and how you can get them for yourself!
I love finding activities that I can use for the season.  These will definitely help motivate my students during the cold winter months.