117: 3 Ways To Get More Buy In From Teachers To Work Together To Support Our Students

3 Ways To Get More Buy In From Teachers To Work Together To Support Our Students



We know that working together with other professionals in the school is an amazing way to get better outcomes for our students, so in this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, we are talking about how to get more buy-in from teachers in order to better support our students.

When I first started working as a speech therapist, I had a lot of grand ideas of how I would collaborate and communicate with the teachers to help my students ace their tests and hit their goals. I went out of my way to check in with them so we could work together and…crickets!

When following up with them, I found that it was because they really didn’t understand what I do as an SLP and how I help students. They assume that all we do is help them with their speech and articulation, but we all know that’s not true.

Speech therapy can drastically improve a student’s educational outcomes when the teachers and SLPs work together. But how do we do that? This episode covers my top three tips for opening up the conversion with the teachers without making them feel like even more work is being thrown at them.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Why teachers may be reluctant to work with you
  • How to better advocate what our goals are
  • Tips for better communication with teachers
  • How to find out what teachers are doing and incorporate it into our speech room
  • Why you should report solutions back to teachers instead of giving them extra work


Just because you don’t get the response from teachers that you’re hoping for at first doesn’t mean that you should give up! We can’t change people, but we can do our best to give our students everything they need.

I hope these strategies and tips help you open up the dialog with the teachers in your school so that you can show them that you aren’t there to give them more work, you’re there to help them and improve your student’s outcomes.

Ready to learn more about how you can plan lessons that correlate with the curriculum and standards of the classroom teachers? Make sure to check out my membership SLP Elevate!


3 Ways To Get More Buy In From Teachers To Work Together To Support Our Students


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