192: 3 Free Interactive Game Sites

3 Free Interactive Game Sites


Looking for some engaging games for speech therapy that are interactive, and better yet, free? 

I have you covered! In the latest episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I’m sharing three of my favorite games to use in speech therapy to help students reach a variety of goals with just their computer or device. 

All of these games have paid upgrades but not to worry, you don’t need it! All you need is an email login so that you can log in and get started.

Some of these games may be new to you, or you may have heard of them before, but they are all perfect for speech so I am so excited to share them with you today! 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What these sites are and how to get started
  • What I love about each game and how to use them in your lessons
  • How these games can help build trust, rapport, and communication


I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you get to try out these games with your students! Again, these activities are just another fun and engaging way to just motivate our students and they like to do these games, so why not use them?

You can check out all of these free games linked below! 

Want more fun and engaging speech activities? Make sure to join SLP Elevate today to get access to tons of resources and so much more!


3 Free Interactive Game Sites


Joke of the Week:

Q: What kind of room doesn’t have doors? 

A: A mushroom. 


Resources Mentioned: 

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