Bubble Gum EET Sort!! ((and giveaway!!))

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Looking for more activities to use with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET) by Sara L. Smith?! (http://www.expandingexpression.com/).


To use:
-Print and laminate the gumball machine sorting mat page.

-Print and laminate the sorting “gumballs.”  Each gumball represents a different EET “bead.”  Students must take all of the beads that represent one object and sort it on the bead which represents the type of describing it answers.

-Each different object uses a different colored gumball to help discriminate between them.

-Review Worksheet: Bubble Gum Say & Color!  You can write any object into the worksheet.  Students must describe the object in order to color each gumball into the machine.  Once all of the gumballs are colored, then they can color the rest of the picture!

-Invent Your Own Gumball:  Students can expand their imaginations and use their EET techniques while inventing and writing about their own gumball flavors!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!

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