DIY Main Idea or Detail Fun!

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I have been working hard to have my students be able to express main ideas as well as be able to identify when a statement (as in a multiple choice) is a detail or a main idea.  I came up with this fun and SUPER easy DIY idea to address this need!

Just take an index card, fold it in half, write main idea on one side and detail on the other side…DONE!!  Grab your favorite task cards, reading comprehension worksheet, or any other text and you are ready to go!

How did I use this idea?  I used it many ways…here are two for example:

I took a task card activity that I have, my Mustache Main Idea game to be specific.

As I read each card to my students, they had to express a main idea using our strategies.  Each student had an index card with “main idea” and “detail.”  They had to rate their peer's responses and determine if their answer was in fact a main idea or incorrect and just a detail.

My students are so honest and supportive with each other!  This helps them be the teachers and I can just guide them!  They learn from each other this way!

Another way I have used this idea is by providing my students with statements….and they have to tell me if it is a main idea or a detail.

I did this activity with my Money Main Ideas sorting activity.  I have done this same idea while reading a text.  After we read the text, I verbally shared statements with my students and each of them had to determine if it was a main idea or a detail.

This simple and easy DIY idea has been a great addition to my speech room.  How can you use it!?