Fall Describing Fun!

Fall is here!  Commercials for Halloween, screaming football fans, and cooler weather.  My students are working on learning the parts of speech.  One they have the most difficulty with is adjectives.  I created a fun sorting activity to help my students learn how to describe.  This can provide them with vocabulary to use in conversation, the classroom, and at home!  According to the common core standards, by first grade, students are expected to use frequently occurring adjectives (1.L.1).  By second grade, students are expected to understand and use real-life connections between words and their use (2.L.5).

What is in this file?  Sorting squirrels and the describing acorns!  There are 9 squirrels that contain fall-related vocabulary.  This helps with learning the theme vocabulary as well.  Can your students identify the category they belong into?  How about where you would find these items?  You can print and laminate and place the squirrels onto brown paper lunch bags or just display them across a table.

Print and laminate the 6 pages of acorns that contain describing words.  Can the students place the acorns in the correct lunch bag or beside the correct squirrel on the table?  Can they find describing words that can go with multiple squirrels?  Can they use the sentence strip “The ______ is _____” to expand utterances and use describing words in sentences.  You can display this sentence cue on a paper sentence strip or on a dry erase board.

Review worksheet time!  Once activity is completed, you can have students complete the practice worksheet or send it home for practice.  Can they identify the correct describing word?  Can they verbally express another word that is not listed?

I hope you can find this activity useful in your classrooms/therapy rooms!  I hope by providing you with the common core standards, it helps with lesson plans you may have to submit to an administrator to prove you are working on the standards!  Check out this activity pack at my TpT store!