Fish Bowl LCR: Adjectives!

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Have you ever heard of the game LCR?  I often play this game with social skills groups to encourage interaction.  I decided to create a fun version of this game to address a language goal!  Use this version of the game to work on adjectives while still encouraging social interaction in a fun and motivating way!


Using this game:

-Print and laminate one “fish bowl” and place it into the center of the table.

-Print and laminate all of the “fish.”  Provide each student with 3 fish to start.  Put the rest of the fish unused off to the side.  You will not need these fish.  ((20 fish for each level are provided))

-Print and assemble 3 copies of the dice page.

-Print and visually display the student directions page.

-Students must roll the dice then must pass their fish based on what was rolled (see the student directions for further explanations).  Before students can pass their fish to the left, right, or center, they must express a noun that can be described with the adjective listed on the fish being passed.  Once the student is done passing or holding onto their fish (depending on what they rolled), then they can pass the dice to the next person.  I like to make students pass the dice clockwise.  Keep playing and passing until only one student is left with fish!

-2 levels of adjectives are provided so you can use this activity with multiple groups of varying levels!

-The only student remaining with fish is the winner!

-Review worksheets: Review worksheets are provided for the 2 levels.  Students must express a noun for the adjective on each fish in order to color it!  There are also matching worksheets and cloze sentence worksheets as well!  **6 worksheets in all!!**

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!!!