DIY Drilling Fries!


Are you looking for more ways to drill in your speech sessions?!  How about working on question skills?!  I took materials I had around plus McDonald's French fries containers which I got for free (yes, free!  Just walked right in and told them I was a teacher and asked!).  I will show you how I created an easy activity!  Remember, I am not that crafty!

Above you will see the materials I used.  I grabbed a piece of yellow construction paper, one fries container, a sharpie and a scissor!  That was it!  I just cut up the yellow paper into strips.  The thinner, the more I got out of 1 sheet! 🙂

Now time to write the drilling targets!  I grabbed my sharpie (I recommend using the thin pointed ones so they are easier to read).  I chose to create a whole activity with “why” questions!  I wrote a “why” question on each side.  By keeping the questions closer to one side of the strip, I found the better it looked when the activity was put together.

Last but not least, I placed the fries into the container.  Students are able to pick fries out and answer the questions.  The more fries, the more opportunities to practice a target skill!  Look how yummy my “why” questions look!?  See how you do not see the writing on the top of the fries?!  This will prevent my students from cheating and reading before they take!  You can make this into a game and throw some fries with “lose a turn” or “bonus turn” on it!  Very easy to adapt!

What skills can you use with this activity?!  Have you done something like this before?!  Leave a comment and share!