My Favorite Things: TV Shows!

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I have summer on my mind and I think it is only right to have a blog post about NOTHING speech/work related! Are you OK with that!? I hope so and continue to read!

Watching TV has always been my favorite way to decompress after a stressful day at work. There is nothing quite like flicking through the cable channels to find something lighthearted to watch.

Personally, I am a huge reality TV fan. It is so fascinating to watch how people handle different scenarios. Plus reality TV shows are a brilliant platform for launching careers in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, recently I have subscribed to Netflix. It all feels very futuristic as I have never used on-demand services before. That being said, as much as I have been enjoying the variety of TV shows and films, nothing can compete with cable in my eyes!

Correspondingly, thinking about what the future might hold for TV fascinates me. Moreover, as these cable tv statistics for 2021 estimate, studies show that despite the rise in on-demand video streaming platforms like Netflix, cable television is not going anywhere just yet!

So, what shows can you always find me watching when I am not working (or while creating TpT products)?

Real Housewives: I love them all! I cannot even tell you a favorite! It is a complete guilty pleasure and I will be the first to admit it openly!

Law & Order SVU: I love watching and trying to solve the crimes. I also love that they solve them in an hour!

Big Brother: I cannot wait for summer to start and to have this show on every week!

What are your favorite TV shows? Get in touch and let me know as I am always looking for new things to watch!