Top 10 Websites

It's Miss Speechie's Weekly Top 10!
Below you can see what websites I use in my therapy room.  The students seem to enjoy it and they help address their speech and language goals.  In no particular order…
1. Fun Brain – I particularly like the mad libs portion of this website. link
2. FreeRice – this is a great practice or introduction to vocabulary. link
3. Synonym Toast – a fast paced game to practice identifying synonyms.  Don't burn your toast! link
4. PBS Kids – the activities are endless and oober motivating.  I like the Arthur activities best! link
5.  ReadWriteThink Comic Creator – I use this to work on sequencing or story retelling.  My students LOVE being creative and silly with this one. link

6. Noun Dunk – play basketball and practice identifying common and proper nouns as well as those words that are not even nouns. link

7. Zoobooks – students like animals?  How about guessing games?  Check out this “Guess who I am game?”  Students can use inferencing skills and animal vocabulary with this fun interactive game.  link

8. PrimaryGames – SO many games!  Tons of games for students of various levels and goals.  link

9. ReadWriteThink Letter Generator – students learn how to write a letter with this fun interactive activity.  Who knew writing can be so fun?! link

10. Clifford's Sound Match – practice listening comprehension, articulation, and/or phonological awareness with this motivating activity. link

I hope you enjoyed this week's Top 10 and found it helpful!  Stay tuned for next week's list.  Feel free to post or email if you have suggestions!! xoxo