202: Free Holiday Activities for Your Older Speech Students


Can you believe it’s the holiday season already? 

To celebrate, in this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I’m sharing low-prep therapy ideas that you can use in the upcoming days so that you can survive until Christmas break. 

These therapy ideas are all free holiday activities that are perfect for your older speech students. 

Whether your break starts on Friday or a week from now, I want to make sure that you are covered! 

I'm here to support you and provide you with those easy-to-prep, easy-to-use free holiday activities where you can have a lot of fun and be that Rockstar SLP that you are- and not burn out! 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • The easiest holiday activities to use during this time of year
  • Where to find these free holiday-themed resources online
  • How to use these simple resources and activities in a variety of ways


The holidays in speech therapy don’t have to be stressful! My goal is to get you through until Christmas break when you can enjoy a much-needed break. These activities are perfect because they are free, entertaining, holiday-themed, and can easily be used to work on a variety of goals. 

Check out all the links below to add them to your therapy sessions today! 



Joke of the Week:

Q: What did the gingerbread man put under his blanket? 

A: A cookie sheet.


Resources Mentioned: 

Check out Wonderopolis

Check out the Holiday Traditions YouTube video

Check out the Simon’s Cat Christmas Collection

Check out the How To Draw a Gingerbread House video

Check out Blooket

Check out Baamboozle


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