Fun Finds: Mustache Post-Its! (and how I used it in speech therapy!)

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I am always browsing Staples, Target, and Dollar Stores for fun therapy finds.  This week, I was in Staples, and I found these adorable Mustache Post-Its!  Students are LOVING mustaches these days so I knew I had to grab them!

I knew right away how I could use them!  I have a Mustache Main Idea activity!  I usually make students verbally express the main ideas while they read or listen to each passage on the cards.  I decided to change it up!  Depending on the group/goal in mind, I used the post-its in the following ways:

  • Some students got to write the main ideas on the post-its to get practice with written expression.
  • I wrote “main idea” and “not the main idea” on the post-its and students got to stick them onto the cards as I expressed various correct and incorrect answers.
  • We used the post-its as a follow-up activity with a full page story.  Students wrote the main ideas on the post-its after each paragraph read to help with note-taking.  Then they transferred these main ideas onto a graphic organizer and created their own test questions using their main idea mustache post-its.  Learn more about this strategy by visiting a previous blog post by clicking HERE!
  • Instead of raising their hands, they got to put the mustache on their face!  How fun?!
We had so much fun this week playing with mustaches and reviewing main ideas because of this awesome Staples find!  How can you use these post-its?!