Cause & Effect Games!!

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Many of you have been enjoying my Main Idea Games and my Context Clues Games activity packs.  Well…it is the time to introduce…my CAUSE & EFFECT GAMES!!  Yay!!!  I am always needing more cause/effect activities especially those for the paragraph level.

Check out what it in this pack:
-Visual to assist

-Cause & Effect Matching Game:  Each card will have a sentence, either a cause or an effect.  Print, cut, and glue cards onto index cards, card stock or construction paper and laminate.  Students will use these cards in a memory matching game.  They must match the cause to the corresponding effect.  The student who matches the most is the winner!

-What’s The Cause? BINGO:  Print and laminate the BINGO cards for each student.  Then print and cut the passage cards.  Read to or have student read each passage card.  They must listen and locate the cause on their BINGO board.  Keep going until a student gets 5 in a row!

-What’s The Effect? Jeopardy:  Print and laminate the Jeopardy board.  Print and laminate the “candy cover tokens.”  Use the candy tokens or BINGO chips to cover up when a point value has been used.  Print and laminate the task cards.  You can keep them in piles by color to help locate them when students request them.  Students can take turns picking a “color” category and a point value.  Locate the corresponding task card.  Students must express the effect in order to receive the points.  You can keep track of points on a separate paper or board.  As students respond, students on both teams can complete the “note-taking sheet with the effect answer.”  Students can go back and forth picking and responding until all cards are used (or time runs out).

-Review worksheets: One worksheet contains two paragraphs and students must identify the cause or effect from the choices provided.  The second worksheet require students to write the causes and effects on the lines provided based on the paragraphs read.

You can access this pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!