Swapsies App Review & Giveaway!

Spinlight Studio has created a cute and motivating app called Swapsies!  They were SUPER generous to provide me with a copy to review and 5 codes to giveaway!

This app can be used on any device (iPhone, iTouch, iPad).  For only $1.99, you can use this during individual sessions or have students take turns or work together.

If you click the “photos” on the main screen you can select a character.  If you click the spinner, students get to spin to select a community helper and play a game.

If you click the “mix up”, students get to play around with community helper clothing to make a match.  They need to understand what one would wear.  The giggles you will get as they swap the different clothes around is great!

Once the match is made, students are rewarded with a game related to the community helper used.  This is great for association and eliciting conversation about that helper.

These games are great for following directions!  If you click “quiz me” on the main screen (you can get there by clicking the house icon), students are asked questions about the various community helpers.

This is great for working on “wh” questions and associations.  If correct, students are brought to another question.  If incorrect, they are provided with an opportunity to correct themselves.  After several correct responses, they are rewarded with a bonus round.

For the bonus round, students are presented with this visual above.  They are given a verbal directive.  Such directives includes looking for items a specific shape, all hats, items a doctor would use, etc.

This app does not collect data.  It is great for reinforcing and working on various goals through a community helper theme.  To learn more about this app visit iTunes!

Now onto the giveaway!

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