Lacing Card Fun!

I found a new dollar store and look what I found!  I bought two packets of these lacing cards for $1 each!  Each one came with 2 lacing cards and 2 pieces of lace!

I was so excited for the cute pictures and fun colors!  I laminated the cards to make them more durable and used a hole puncher to make the holes again.

How did I use them in speech therapy?

  • Answering wh- questions (“What animal?” “Where should we lace?” “Who wants the snail?”)
  • Expanding utterance length (“I am lacing the monster”)
  • Requesting (“Help me” “I want ___”)
  • Prepositional phrases: on, under, through, in, over, etc.
  • Basic labels: colors, animals, locations
  • Turn taking

We had so much fun using these in therapy today!  Head over to your nearest dollar store now!