Plurality App!

Zorten has done it again!  The developers that brought us Preposition Pets brought a similar app that works on plural nouns!  They were generous to provide me with a copy to try.  But the opinions are all mine!

There are 5 different boards to choose from and you can play up to 4 players.

The settings you can modify for your students:

If you click the magnifying glass on that screen you can see pictures of all the cards possible.  I like this feature so you can preview ahead of time for yourself or with your students to preteach.

Then you can choose to use all cards or select specific ones.  I think it is important to make sure students master several before moving onto more.  As you can tell below, I selected the most common ones to start!  As you can also tell, it is working on irregular plural nouns.

Now time to play!  It is like memory.  Pick two cards to “flip.”  If it's a match, you get a point!  Whoever gets the most points, wins!


How to get the most out of this app:

  • Use it to review difficult irregular nouns in a fun and motivating game
  • Allow wait time, to have students express the plural form if incorrect in finding the match
  • Use a small board for students that have poor memory.  Give hints to where the match may be!
  • Have more than 4 students, make teams!
  • Preview vocabulary and review after the game as well to ensure understanding!
  • Make sure your student(s) understand the difference between regular and irregular plural nouns.  Can they sort them?
  • Can your student(s) use the words in sentences?  How about draw their own pictures to illustrate?

The app does not allow for data collection since the responses are verbal.  I would not choose to use this app for data collection.  More as a review/reinforcer.

Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes!  It's only $1.99!