Introducing: What Would You Do At School If Fun Deck App!


It's that time again!  My Super Duper Summer App Review Series!  This week: What Would You Do At School If Fun Deck App!

This app has all the following features just like the other super duper apps:

  • Allows multiple users
  • Can use all “card” pages or select specific ones for each user
  • Drag card to switch, drag by user name to switch users
  • You can score responses or have students score themselves or each other
  • Touch card to hear question
  • Generates a score and allows you to email to save for later


What skills can this app address?

  • Wh- Questions
  • Inferencing
  • Cause/effect
  • Pragmatics/Social skills
  • School vocabulary/situations
  • Turn taking
  • Expanding Utterance Length


As you can tell, this app would benefit those students that are verbal and capable answering basic questions.  They need to understand the vocabulary incorporated in this app.  You may want to teach the vocabulary first to make sure they understand.

One visual I used with this app is my “If-Then” visual.

This helps to teach students cause/effect or that something has to happen for a result.  You can grab your copy of this visual here!

To learn more about this app and other Super Duper apps visit their website!