Introducing: “Wh” Questions at School Fun Deck App


It's that time again!  For my Super Duper Summer App Review Series!  This time, it's the “Wh” Questions at School App!  As you know, I love the Super Duper apps for various reasons: can use with multiple students, easy to use, easy to collect data and email for saving.  For the cheap price of $1.99, it is much easier than carrying tons of therapy supplies around!  Now for the sneak peak!

Like all their other apps, you have the entire fun deck of cards to choose from.  You can select all, or select specific cards for specific students.  This feature is great for this app because you can work on each “wh” question form at once or all together!

Like their other apps, you move to the next card by dragging it to the right and move to the next student by dragging the tab on top with the student's names to the right as well.  Students can score themselves or you can score for them based on their verbal responses.  They can hear the questions by tapping the cards.  Tap “green” for correct and “red” for incorrect.  Scores are generated for each student!


I like these questions compared to the basic “wh” questions cards because they are functional questions related to school.  This is perfect since I work with them in a school!  They also have a version for home and community.  These questions elicit conversation which is great.  It can also address various pragmatic situations.

Last but not least, you can generate scores to email for each student.  Just make sure you email them right away because once you start a new activity or session, the previous scores are deleted.

To learn more about this app visit Super Duper's website here!

I find visual aids are great for teaching the difference between question forms.  I do tons of sorting activities to teach the difference.  I made a basic “Question Cards” visual on a binder ring that I have hung up and easy to grab when needed.  For some students, I let them look for the specific question type to prompt themselves.  Others, I may take the visuals off the ring to display the difference.  This visual was very helpful when using this app with my students!

Grab your copy of this visual here!