Fun With Mixed Speech Groups: Free Email Course

Are you dreading mixed speech and language groups?  I have the free solution for you!

Mixed speech groups don't have to be a challenge or something you dread! I'm sharing how to make mixed speech groups fun in this blog post.

I don't know about you but I have so many restrictions with scheduling.  I can only pull students from their specials which allows 3 slots each.  So basically, when I can take them, I do!  No beautifully crafted articulation groups or social skills groups for me.  What do you do when you have to meet each students' needs and see progress?  How do you make sure every students' goals are met?  How do you collect efficient data?!

I don't want to be stressed out or forced to do a song and dance each day all day!  We have enough stressful things on our plates as SLPs!


don't stress about mixed speech and language groups with these free tips and tricks


I have picked up some tricks over the years that has helped me manage this not so ideal situation.  Since I know so many SLPs are in the same boat as I am, I created a FREE email course that goes step by step how I handle these groups and the resources I use!


Click HERE if you would like an email each day for the next 5 days that will help guide you through how I handle mixed speech groups!   You will get tips, tricks, and freebies right to your inbox that will help you plan and execute lessons for mixed speech groups with ease!


I cannot wait to share my tips and tricks with you!!