Halloween Expanding Vocabulary & Imagination Fun! (EET Companion)

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If you cannot tell yet, I am LOVING my EET kit and using it every chance I get this school year.  My students love playing with the “wormie.”  It seems that you have been loving my seasonal companion packs as much as I do too!!  Well, one for Halloween is now available!!

This companion pack is a 2-in-1!

Expanding Vocabulary Trick or Treating Game:  Have fun pretending to go trick or treating as you practice expressing descriptions using your EET!

-Print and laminate a trick or treating bag for each student.

-Print and laminate the candy pieces and place them in the middle.
-Print and laminate the visual/directions and display them for your students.  If you have a Smart Board you can display this page on it for your students to see while playing.  This will help them understand what they need in order to win!

-Place the object pile in the middle.  Students will take turns picking an object.  On each object card is an EET “bead”.  They must express the describing concept requested (EET bead).  Once they express that description, they can locate the candy piece that has that EET bead on it. Students will take turns picking an object and describing it while adding candy to their trick or treating bags until all of the cards run out.  The first student to fill their trick or treating bag with all 7 types of candy/EET beads is the winner!  (**48 object cards included!**)

Expanding Imagination Halloween Writing Fun:   Recommended order for each activity:

-Use pictures to help students practice using EET to describe.
-Show students a model of your creation and how you used EET
-Let students expand their imaginations and draw/write using the EET model
-Let students share their creations with the group and use the EET strand to help guide them!

-5 different writing activities included with a Halloween theme!

You can access this companion pack along with my others in my TpT store by clicking HERE!