126: How a Mom Helped Her Child Communicate with Natashia Kletter

How a Mom Helped Her Child Communicate with Natashia Kletter




Do you work with a lot of students with communication difficulties? 

It can be so hard to watch a child struggle to tell you what they need. We have strategies in place to help them learn, but it takes time and it can be frustrating for children in those situations. In this week’s episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I sat down with Natashia Kletter to talk about how she created books that help children with communication challenges tell you what they want to say. 

Natashia is the mother of an autistic boy who also has a rare genetic disorder and a daughter who has ADHD. She developed an assistive communication system for nonspeaking children, using her Mechanical Engineering degree and what she learned from her own son. She's now helping children around the world communicate in their own homes with more efficiency and fun.

Natashia’s books are being used in homes and classrooms with children that have difficulty communicating and the feedback she gets from teachers and parents has been inspiring. The kids are able to express themselves easily and feel heard for the first time.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How Natashia created her books
  • The importance of teaching emotional intelligence to young students
  • How the books help students communicate
  • How these books make speech therapy functional at home
  • Why genetic testing is important for these students
  • Resources available to children with disabilities or disorders


I hope you found this episode inspiring and helpful. I truly believe these books would be a great addition to any speech therapy classroom. They can be a valuable tool for working with students with autism or other disorders that make speaking a challenge in a way that is fun and easy to understand. 

If you are interested in getting some of these books to add to your speech classroom, use the code FREE to get free shipping on your order. You can also use the code 2PLUS1 to get one free red book with your purchase of two books. 

Plus, as a special treat just for my listeners, go to my Instagram and find the post about this episode. Make sure you’re following me and Natashia and comment on the post. I will pick one lucky winner to get a free set of books! 


How a Mom Helped Her Child Communicate with Natashia Kletter


Joke of the Week:

Q: What type of markets do dogs avoid? 

A: Flea Markets.


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