How Do You Use It?! May: Velcro! (Linky Party)

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It is that time again!!  Time to see how I use common items found in most classrooms/speech rooms!  This month's topic is VELCRO!!!  SLPs LOOOOOVE Velcro!!

I go through Velcro so quickly!!  I buy in bulk at Staples, Amazon, or where I can find a good deal!  I never seem to have enough!  I have special scissors that I use to just cut Velcro (since it always seems to get some of the sticky substance on it!).  I wonder how much Velcro I actually use?!!

There are a ton of ways I use Velcro in my speech room!

Interactive Books:
By adding pieces of Velcro, I can easily create interactive books with manipulatives.  You can build vocabulary, work on sequencing, answering questions, following directions and so much more!!  Below is a picture of a few interactive books I've made using and other products I've found on TpT!



You can see above, I took the farm book from and made Boardmaker images of the farm animals.  My students are able to match the animals and then work on their expressive language at the same time.

Sequencing Boards:
All you need is a piece of construction paper (or file folder) and some sequencing pictures!  By laminating and adding Velcro, you can use this idea over and over!

Other ways I use Velcro:

  • Organization:  I Velcro labels onto book bins to keep my supplies organized but can easily be changed as my materials increase and change with needs of my students
  • Storyboards:  You can Velcro sequencing pictures or items from a story to allow students to retell stories heard/read/narratives.
  • File Folder Sorting:  Don't want to look pieces in sorting activities?  Add some Velcro to file folders and you can easily have a sorting activity!
How do you use Velcro?!  I would love to hear?!  Have a blog, feel free to link up below!!!
Stay tuned to next month's topic!