Hurricane Materials

Today was my first day pulling speech groups after this CRAZY two weeks of dealing with Hurricane Sandy's aftermath.  So many students had questions and stories to share.  I grabbed all the resources I could find to address my speech and language goals while still able to create an environment where my students felt comfortable to share and express themselves.  I put together a packet of resources and materials I used that many other SLPs in the Tri-State area may find useful.  I am sure other states are talking about it as well since it is over the news.  You may find these materials useful as well.

In this FREEBIE packet, you will find a list of links to websites where I grabbed some reading comprehension materials and worksheets that are ready to use and great for addressing context clues, inferencing, and answering wh- questions.

I also provided a list of vocabulary words that you can use to teach your students about this topic.

Activities related to speech-language goals:



This freebie is available at my TpT store.  I hope you find this useful as you elicit conversations and plan to get back to normal!