Inference Party!


In a recent pole, it had been requested for more materials for higher level thinking/comprehension.  I decided to create a fun two-in-one activity pack to work on inferencing!  Many of my older elementary students have inferencing goals on their IEPs.  It is so difficult for them to take the information heard/known, and answer questions based on this information/knowledge.

First, there is a visual to assist students in understanding how to infer.  I like to provide visuals when working on difficult tasks.  This download has one related to the party theme!

What's the present?  (Card Game):  Students can read/listen to a card.  They must use clues to guess the present.  There is an answer key included.  If student picks the “PARTY” card, they get an extra turn.  Student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

Follow up activities:

  • Good vs. bad present: students can discuss and sort the gifts.  Can they explain why or why not?
  • Category sort
  • EET using presents.  Which descriptions were used in the present clue cards?  Which could be added?
Count the candles: There are 5 different candle pictures.  Students will read/listen to a paragraph and answer the questions using their inferencing skills.  The object of the game is to collect all 5 candles.  There are some cards without candles to make the game last longer!  The student that collects all 5 first is the winner!

Review worksheet:

Grab this activity at my TpT store!!  I hope you love it!