Introducing: Auditory Processing Studio (App Review)


I was recently contacted by the developers, Virtual Speech Center about their app recently released, Auditory Processing Studio.


This app utilizes a bottom-top approach to working with students with Central Auditory Processing Disorder.

Settings you can alter:

  • User alternate count
  • Enable audio
  • Show instructions
  • Automatic Paging
  • Random Paging
  • Enable Reward
  • Award Counter
  • Enable Background Noise
  • Background Noise Volume
  • Background Noise
Auditory Processing Studio includes 2450 stimuli in the following activities: – Auditory Discrimination- 16 levels of difficulty. Each level contains 50 trials; making a total of 800 stimuli.
Auditory Closure – 17 levels of difficulty. Each level contains 50 trials; making a total of 850 stimuli.
Phonological Awareness- 16 levels of difficulty. Each level contains 50 trials; making a total of 800 stimuli.
Figure-Ground – The above activities can be practiced in the presence of competing noise.
You can input students profiles and select which to use in a session.  Then  you can select their goals from a list of specific skills per category.
I chose to work on one goal per student.  There is no visual distractions (only audio if selected).  Students are presented with their verbal prompt.  They can record and play back their answers.  Then you can score them or they can score themselves.  I like to make it so that students learn from each other (keeps them engaged while they are waiting for their turns).  I like to let the other students rate the student (yes, I have rules so they are polite and caring!).
The activity is introduced by an adorable animation.


I set it so that my students had to get 5 awards in order to get the “game.”  For the reward game, students can play the drums to make music.  They can select buttons on top for background beats!  How fun?!
You can go through the 50 trials, if you have time.  I decided to just go to the first reward session due to lack of time.  Then I was able to click “done.”  I was able to access my score reports which can be saved and emailed.  You can always review a student's progress by clicking on reports from the main page.  This is great if you forget which goal was previously worked on.
I suggest probing informally to see which level of auditory processing your students are at and which goals they should work on.  Then I would go in order down the list.  I wouldn't move on until they show mastery.  Since there are 50 stimuli per goal, you don't have to worry about quickly repeating!
Learn more about this $29.99 app by visiting iTunes!