15: You Used WHAT To Motivate Those High School Students?!

Chris Wenger Motivate High School Students

What materials do you use for older students that function at a first-grade level or ones that have social skill challenges?  In this area, especially during this crisis time, boom cards, stickers, and cartoons won't work.  So what are you going to do? 


In today's episode, I have Speech Dude, Chris Wenger on the show to talk about what motivates older students. Chris is an enthusiastic school-based SLP and nationally-acclaimed presenter who loves to share his knowledge about technology and practical ways to infuse it into the SLP practice for middle and high school students.


Prepare to be blown away with Chris' creativity and tons of great resources! He shares his a-ha moments and his brilliant ways of using technology to teach kids emotional control.  He shares tips on keeping them engaged and motivated to learn. 


If you're ready to step out of your comfort zone and make an impact, don't miss this episode!




In this episode you’ll discover: 


  • Chris’ technical background in high school that determined his path
  • The challenge of working with older students with language needs
  • How to deal with high functioning students on the spectrum who have social skill challenges
  • Ways to repurposing materials for speech
  • How to use videogames to target your speech goals
  • The right mindset to have for learning new tech for your older students
  • Chris’ solution for students feeling isolated with distance learning
  • Using videos to teach students to control their emotions
  • Tips and tricks on Zoom virtual backgrounds


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Chris Wenger Motivate High School Students


Joke of the Week


What do you call a male SLP at a national convention?

Answer:  Lucky


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