My Favorite Ways to Get PD for SLPs

We need professional development.  We want it relevant.

My Favorite Ways to Get Professional Development for SLPs


It can be a challenge to find relevant and practical professional development.  It isn't always possible to get off days from work or to head to big conferences.  Yes, I do love attending the ASHA convention but it is expensive and can be overwhelming.  There are other ways to learn and grow.


Using online membership sites for PD

There are several websites now offering membership for unlimited PD for SLPs.  I personally belong to SpeechPathology.Com.  I like their site since it is easy to use and they have tons of options that are relevant for school-based SLPs.  To learn more about them and to get a month for free CLICK HERE and use promo code STF13MOS.


Free Webinars for PD

I love being able to learn from home on my own time and for free.  ASHA offers free webinars every once in a while but I also recommend the SLP Summit.


Favorite in Person PD

Have you heard about the popular workshop for school-based SLPs called the Speech Retreat?  We have been traveling around the country since 2017 and providing a fun learning environment where we also get to celebrate being an SLP!  CLICK HERE to learn all about it and follow our Instagram account to stay tuned about our future locations/dates!


I hope this helps you find some practical and relevant professional development so you can be the BEST SLP you can be!