9: Mystery Who?

mystery doug

You can take any activity in your classroom, but what is the goal? And how are you going to teach it differently than what your students have already been exposed to? Enter Mystery Doug.


For today's inspiration, I'm going to introduce you to this wonderful online tool where you can use short, non-fiction videos that will get your students inferring, asking questions, and drawing conclusions. I will share tips and tricks on how to use this medium to help your students overcome their language struggles and make them feel successful in the classroom to boost their confidence. Because, hey, this is what SLPs are for, right?


Join me today as we breakdown this new tool that's very flexible and easy to prepare, don't miss this episode!



In this episode you’ll discover: 


  • The classroom mishap I had that lead me to using Mystery Doug
  • How to incorporate videos in your speech therapy successfully
  • Tips on helping students focus on important parts of a video 
  • How to breakdown your material for your students to help them overcome their difficulties


mystery doug


Joke of the Week


Why was the belt arrested?

Answer: Because it held up some pants


Resources Mentioned: 


Incorporate videos using Mystery Doug


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