8: Building Vocab with Context Clues!

building vocab with context clues

Don't you just wish you can be that birdie who's always on your student's shoulder to help them with words? Too bad you can't! What you can do is teach them strategies that will help them succeed with language, even when you're not around.


In this episode, let's talk about a strategy that will help your students handle unfamiliar words when they see them: Context clues. Instead of just drilling synonyms and antonyms or push them to memorize lists, you can use this method to help your students analyze the gist of entire texts and build their confidence and succeed in and beyond the classroom.




In this episode you’ll discover: 


  • What sort of students context clues are best used for
  • How you can teach your students to figure out a vocabulary word when it arises using non-sense words (yes, you heard it right)
  • How to select vocabulary words that will benefit them more
  • How you can help your students analyze their own awareness and familiarity with words



building vocab with context clues


Joke of the Week


What did the stamp say to the envelope?

Answer: Stick with me and we will go places. 


Resources Mentioned: 


My go to non-sense words and how to use them.

Where to start when working on context clues in speech.

Tips and tricks for working on context clues on speech!

Context Clues Using Nonsense Words BOOM CARDS freebie


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