7: Wordless Picture Books?! Yes!

wordless picture books

Are you hoping to incorporate more literacy-based therapy ideas in your speech therapy room without overwhelming your students with too much text? You're in for a treat!


In this episode, let's talk about another time-saving tool for us tireless SLPs: Wordless picture books! Listen in as I share different strategies on how you can use this tool for any language goal or target group. Discover ways you can introduce wordless picture books to your reluctant readers and make it motivating and exciting.


If you want to see your students make smart guesses and their language blossom, I challenge you to apply these methods and get better results!



In this episode you’ll discover: 


  • What type of students you should use wordless picture books for
  • Why ‘the sky is the limit’ with wordless picture books
  • What strategies can you do to engage students
  • What benefits you can get from wordless picture books



wordless picture books


Joke of the Week


Q:  Why did the man run around his bed? 

A:  …….. to catch up on his sleep! 


Resources Mentioned: 


My favorite wordless picture books.

Speech Time Fun PD mini-courses with bonus resources


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