6: My Favorite Strategy!

my favorite slp strategy

Your students are getting exposure to skills like inferencing and sequencing in the classroom, but it's not sticking. What can you do?


In this episode, I will share my favorite tool that helps our students make things more explicit, more visual, and helps them remember things that they hear and know what to listen for to take that processing overload away. 


Listen in and discover how you can do things differently for the success of your students. Check out this episode and have fun teaching and learning!




In this episode you’ll discover: 


  • 3 tips on using graphic organizers
  • What type of student a graphic organizer is good for
  • Why it’s best to never make assumptions with your students
  • How you can involve other teachers in this process


my favorite slp strategy


Joke of the week


Why do bicycles fall over?

Answer: Because they are too TIRE-d!


Resources Mentioned: 


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Freebie Graphic Organizer


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