Popcorn Adjectives Sort!

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I recently posted a picture on Instagram  of me using my Easter Adjectives Sort from my Bunny Word Fun pack.  Based on the feedback from that picture/activity, I decided to create a generic themed activity just like it!  This way you can use it any time of the year!!  Why not a popcorn theme?!  Who doesn't love snack food?!

How can you use this activity!?
-Print and laminate the popcorn boxes which contain adjectives labels.

-Print and laminate the popcorn pieces which contains noun images/labels.

-Students can sort the popcorn pieces into the boxes that contains the best adjective to describe it!

-You can introduce one adjective at a time, by opposite pairs, or use all of them and have them displayed across a large table.  The choice is yours!

-Review worksheet is included as well!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!