RTI Strategies for Classroom Teachers

I don't know about you but RTI is HUGE right now in my district.  Everyone is still trying to understand it and understand the process.  I have been fortunate enough to be trained and worked in several districts now to see what works and what does not.  Everyone's caseloads seem to be full to the max and it is very difficult to take kids for Tier 3 unless it is absolutely necessary.  I have been working on materials to provide to classroom teachers to help train them to use strategies in the classroom.  This way it helps encourage Tier 1 interventions and minimizes the need for students to be rushed up the tiers.  I find the two types of difficulties that come my way are phonemic awareness and auditory processing.  Teachers are always coming to me because “my student isn't hearing the sounds” or “they can't follow directions.”  Therefore, to begin with, I created two handouts to provide teachers for these difficulties.  You can provide these handouts to teachers while discussing how this will help the student.  If these strategies are ineffective in the classroom, then I would look into another tier approach.

What do you find works or doesn't work in your schools?!  What has worked with trying to train teachers to use strategies in the general education classroom?!