Smarty Ears Giveaways!

I was recently contacted by Smarty Ears to review and giveaway 2 of their amazing apps!

I have previously reviewed one of their apps, Custom Boards.  Click the link to check it out!

This app is great and you can win a copy for yourself!
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Another app I had the opportunity to try and review is their WhQuestions app!  This $7.99 app is great for practicing responding to wh questions.

This app is easy to use and navigate.  When you click settings, you can see this page:

I prefer to have verbal and visual display of questions.  I also prefer to have 1 question per student before switching students.  This way it keeps them paying attention.

When you click “new game” you can input students.  Below you can see how I added 3 of my students.  You are required to put in name, grade, and age.  Once students are added, you just have to tap the names to include them in the session.  I was able to include up to 5 students which was great.

Once you select the students they turn yellow to show they are included.  Once you hit “start game,” you are presented with choices of question types.  Just tap to unclick a question type if you prefer.  This is presented for each student so it is individualized.

Now it is time to play!  The student's name is  highlighted to indicate who should respond.  Students can record and play back their responses.  They can click the check or “x” to rate their responses.  You can also rate for them.  The questions were functional and the pictures are cute.


At any time, you can click “all done” to end the session.  At that time you are brought to the results page.  It shows all scores from all sessions which are great for progress monitoring.  You can click “results” on the main page to see the results at any time.  You can click share to email results.

Things I like about this app:

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Ability for students to self monitor and correct with the recording feature
  • Easy to collect data and monitor progress
  • Multiple users at a time
  • Individualized per student within a session

What I would like to see in an update:

  • Receptive language option with choices of responses

Overall, I think this app is great!  Now, you can win a copy for yourself!  Enter to win below!
a Rafflecopter giveaway