Speech Journals!

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One aspect of working with fluency students is to tackle the “emotions” and “counseling” piece.  I have a couple students on my caseload this year that are older students with fluency goals.  I wanted to come up with an idea that I can use throughout the year.  I decided to create “Speech Journals”!  I created this activity with TONS of flexibility for my students and for yours!  It can easily be changed and adapted to meet your students' needs.  It can also be easily adapted for older articulation students!

Using this file:
-Print, cut in half and staple to make the “book.”

-Feel free to use the pages that are most appropriate for your student.
-Pages with “SLP response” are provided as an option if you want to write back to your student in confidence.

-Students can use this journey in beginning of a session or on own out of speech therapy.
-This book is a forum for students to express their feelings about their speech and speech journey.  Will help with the “therapeutic” portion of speech therapy.

-Blank pages with lines are provided as well as “story starters.”
-Pages are included which can be used with younger students as well!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!