Speech & Language Behavior Modification Visual!

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Are you sick of stickers, tokens, or any other behavior modification system that takes of wall space?  Are you like me and have a teeny tiny therapy room?!  Do you have students that can benefit from a reward system that will reward/reinforce at the end of each therapy session?  Are you sick and tired of verbally reminding students of rules/expectations!? OK…keep reading because you are like me!!

I have a HUGE caseload and seeing students back to back.  I don't have time to tally, count, and distribute a “token” each session.  I did it for years, and my students would “steal” from others…yes!  Steal!!  I could not be in control of 60+ stickers/tokens/etc.  NO MORE!

I created a visual sign that I can hang in my therapy room.  I can clip it onto my dry erase board, or pin it onto my mini bulletin board.  (I have yet to set up my room so I don't know where exactly it is going, but it will be going in there!)

This visual has 2 signs – reward and reminder.  Just laminate and punch two holes on the top and bottom of both. Create a loop on the top to hang…I used fun ribbon I found at Michaels.  Then, I attached the two pieces using string I got at the dollar store.  I measure two pieces the same length, then inserted on piece into the holes on the top and bottom sign, then tied to create a loop.  I did that on the right and left sides.

Students are LOVING Emojis so I used fun smiley images of different colors.  I made large smileys to attach to the back of the student chairs in my therapy room.  Why the back?!  This way they don't touch and get distracted!

I have the same smileys in a smaller version to attach to clothes pins.  Then, when students enter the room, the seat they sit in represents their smiley for the day.  Start all students on the top sign since that represents appropriate behavior.  If they need a reminder, instead of constantly giving verbal cues/prompts/reminders, just move their clothes pin to the bottom sign.  As they improve, move them back.  At the end of the session, all students at the top sign can be rewarded whichever way you feel appropriate.  I provided 6 different choices in smiley face images!!!

You can access this visual system in my TpT store by clicking HERE!!